Anna - 23 Months

It's been quite awhile since I've done a post on Anna so I thought I'd sneak one in before the big 2nd birthday which is only about a month away.  

Little Anna is all toddler and is growing so much each and every day.  Her big thing right now is talking.  Every day she seems to learn something new to say.  It's so cute and fun to hear. She is also testing the boundaries.  She is experimenting with hitting and biting so we are working on disciplinary actions that she understands.  It's been an interesting to say the least.  

Anna loves playing outside and going on walks.  She's a little obsessed these days with Bella.  She wants Bella to go everywhere - including on lots of wagon rides.  She LOVES to walk her on the leash - just about anything with little Bella.  

We've been talking a lot about potty and even have tried sitting on it a few times but nothing has happened to date.  We are planning on starting this fun journey after Christmas so stay tuned :)

Anna's world right now:

Words:  Da-da, Ma-ma, Yach (Jack), egg, done, Bella, Mail Man, Guy (for Guy Clayton), Paige, baby, cracker, this, dog, cat, ball, uuice (juice), eeze (cheese), and papa.  
Favorite Foods:   Hummus, carrots, pretzels (really any chips), yogurt (would eat it all day) crackers, 
Doesn't like:  Combing hair, Changing diapers, getting dressed, or coming inside from playing outside.  
Loves:  Dogs/Cats, all the Halloween decorations especially the pumpkins and scarecrows, puzzles, chalk, bowls and cups, transferring little things from container to container, books, looking at pictures of herself and family, and hearing us re-tell stories of something we did that day.  
Learning to like:  Other kids - very interested in watching what they do, washing her hair, new shoes, pizza, and chocolate.  
Routine:  We dropped the morning nap completely a few months ago.  She does very well now just sleeping from 1-3.  Some days we get lucky and she sleeps till 4 but mostly it's just a two hour nap.  She still goes to bed around 7:3O.    

Other recent pics:  

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  1. Adorable pics Mindy! Love my sweet little angel! Btw, your mums look great!