RIP Callie

I have been terrible about blogging and I think one of the reasons is because I was dreading writing this post. We had to say our goodbyes to sweet little Cal the day after Easter.  It was SO hard but it was time, we all knew it, including her.  She would have been 14 years old in July, so for a Lab, she lived a long healthy life.  

Cal was one of those dogs that everyone just instantly fell in love with.  She was so well behaved and just down right sweet.  She never barked (literally, I think I heard her once in 8 years), she did not have one ounce of agressiveness in her, and was so playful even in her later years.  Everyone used to ask us late in her life, "How old is your pup?".  She was just so full of sweet energy, that no one ever guessed she was older.  

We love you little piggy and will miss you everyday!  You brought nothing but joy and happiness to our hearts.  Until we meet again... 


Lazy Sunday

It's cold and dreary here today so we have been doing alot of cuddling in our pajamas:

Our first snowfall this season is on it's way ....


Loving Summer Time

Here are some summer photos that I captured on my iphone.  These days the Nikon isn't getting out much so thank god for this phone!

Our weekly trips to the Farmer's Market.  One of Anna's favorite things to do!
Big moment in Jack's life:  He graduated to riding in the car at the grocery store!
New nightly activity - wagon rides

Splash parks - Jack's favorite
Blueberry Picking!  So fun and so delish!  Next time I need to bring a larger crew of pickers!
Our water crew
Watch out Jack!


Potty Training and Other Updates

Well we flunked out of Potty Training.  Day 3 turned really bad and then day 4 turned REALLY ugly. She started refusing to sit on they potty early on day 3 and I basicaly was having to hold her down which I know is a huge sign she's not ready.  Plus she got constipated so by Friday (3 days of not going) she was absolutely miserable.  I felt so bad. She was miserable.  So I gave in late Friday afternon and put a diaper on her.  An hour after, she had the LARGEST poop ever in her diaper and then became the bubbly toddler we all love.  So we will try again after she forgets all the damage I caused (online it says 30 days).  But I'm refusing to stress out about it - she'll get it eventually!

And this little guy has had a rough week.  He started off with a stomach bug early last week and then several days of a fever.  Finally by Sunday he seemed back to himself but now he's just so fussy and exhausted by 6pm.  I'm guessing that it is because he's becoming so mobile and is just probably worn out by the evening and hopefully is not a sign another viurs/bug is coming.  So literally he's been in bed by 6:45 all week but it has given us a chance to have a little 1x1 time with Anna.  

We are just hoping spring weather comes soon as these little people want outside!!


Potty Training Day 2

We had a very long day but we made it through.  Potty training is no joke!  It started around 8:30am and concluded about 8:45 :)  I barely had enough time to eat much less take photos but I did manage to get a couple blury ones (which is how my day felt anyway!). But I thought it was cute as it clearly shows what I looked at most of the day - Ann'as bum!  

I was surprised at how quickly she got right back into it this morning.  It took hardly any convincing to take off the diaper and to put on the underwear compared to yesterday.
And by the time lunch was over she knew when she was about to pee and would try to get to the potty.  So as you can imagine, there was a lot of pee in our house today.  On me, her, the dogs, you name it.  Plus it didn't help that Bob and I both knocked over the potty onto the kitchen floor while there was pee in it!  I still can smell pee :)

Our biggest problem came to going #2 tonight.  She still has not gone.  I don't think she had to go until tonight but she worked herself up so much that she couldn't go.  Everytime she was about to, she'd tense up.  And God love her, as we just assumed once we'd get her pjs on and put her night diaper on (we are still doing diapers at bedtime) she'd just go in there but no for over an hour she kept requesting to try on the potty.  So fingers crossed that tomorrow we can accomplish this task.  

Even though it's been stressful and down right gruling at times, we feel so fortunate to spend this time with her and to hopefully help her master this major milestone.    


Potty Training Day 1

Well we survived day 1 of potty training.  It wasn't horrible but I can't lie that a few times we did think about throwing in the towel.  She is far from trained, but I would say we made some small improvements.  All day long she refused to wear underwear (all day she just wore a t-shirt) but finally around 7 she agreed to put some on.  Really only because she wanted to go outside and ride bikes, but it still counts as a step in the right direction. 

She peed twice in the potty and alot in various places around the house.  Number 2 didn't come into play as she got lucky (or should I say we did) as  she did that in her morning diaper before we started.  

On top of potty training, Jack is sick.  He threw up yesterday and ever since has been running a low grade fever.  Poor guy!  We are all hoping tomorrow he's at least feeling a little better so he can be more tolerable all of the 'potty' talk!

However, Jack is a fan of the little Dora Potty Anna is using.  He loves sitting on it and putting all the sippy cups and anything else he can find inside it.  Nice work Jack.  

They love to rough house on this chair!!!!